insiTEQ Covid-19 Impact on Consumer Behaviour Report


  • Quite a significant portion of the participants are temporarily out of work. The most affected being individuals between the ages of 25 34 years, and the hotel and restaurants followed by education and retail trade industries.

  • The participants of this survey are particularly concerned about the future and they have been impacted significantly. Despite their financial privations, they are demonstrating resilience by shifting their priorities and dedicating the lockdown to skills development.

  • Even with the crisis in the world with the pandemic, they are headstrong and managing to maintain a healthy mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • Travel and out of home activities could take much longer to return to normal levels.

  • These sentimentalities are far more consistent across demographics than one could expect, suggesting common ground on the impacts Covid 19 has had on consumer behaviour and buying decisions despite various age, gender, region, and employment cohorts.
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Covid-19 South Africa

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